Jacqmar scarf available now at indySwank!

I was excited to find a Jacqmar silk scarf in the Midwest, knowing their desirability and wealth in history. While living/working/studying in London, I learned about Jacqmar, which was founded as a textile house by Joseph “Jack” and Mary Lyons in 1932. They provided many couturiers with French Silk, but during the WWII, those designers could no longer export goods, leaving a void in the market for Jacqmar to fill. They created WWII propaganda scarves, which were widely sold in the US and amongst the French and Polish communities in London. The prints of planes and machinery reflected the common ideals of the Allies, thus creating a bond based on respect and cooperation.

So as wild as it seems to find a 1940’s London label in present day Indianapolis, this is exactly the market the house targeted. Our floral, silk Jacqmar scarf is $15 . . . a steal for a hunk of history!

Annie Stultz